Friday, November 7, 2014

Special Visit to Harn Museum with Dr. Andrew Kane, UF Scientist

It was my pleasure to host Dr. Andrew Kane, UF Scientist and Director of the Aquatic Pathobiology Laboratory on a tour of Solo:: Together at the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art this week. Andy Kane served as the consulting scientist for the Mercury installation. As such he offered insights into mercury bio-magnification, impacts to fish and the environment. He also was instrumental in introducing me to Israeli scientist, Arik Diamante spurring my tour to Marine Labs throughout Israel. Dr. Kane is an art lover who took ceramics classes while in the doctoral program at The Ohio State University. Yes, we are both OSU alums who only met at UF through this project. His appreciation for art and my inquiry into science have served as a perfect blend for inter-disciplinary exchange. I was really excited for Dr. Kane and his doctoral student Makyba (who took the pictures in this post) to see Mercury in person. Andy has witnessed the project evolve from concept into form. It was exciting for me to share my work and the work of my art colleagues with Dr. Kane. Thanks again Andy, for your ongoing interest, research input, and support!

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