Monday, March 11, 2019

Celebrating 40 Years at UF Ceramics!

I was honored to have the School of Art and Art History host a celebration of my 40 years on the faculty at the University of Florida in December 2018. I was so happy to see so many alums, retired faculty colleagues, current students and faculty attend. I was very excited to have the three Dean's... Joseph Sabatella, Donald McGlothlin, and Lucinda Lavelli... who I worked with make comments. My colleague of 24 years, Linda Arbuckle, spoke about our time together when we built UF Ceramics. Janet Chandler, read letters from alums from each of the four decades of my teaching. UF Ceramics faculty, graduate students and staff presented me with a gift. The College gave me a gator on a plank. I offered comments and thank you's at the end of the event. Time does fly by. I am off to Chapter 2 which is my time in studio as a full-time artist. Thank you all who made this a very special evening.

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  1. UF?? Do you mean UFO??
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    down to the Abyss just as
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