Sunday, April 21, 2019

Nan Meets Brian Skerry - National Geographic Photojournalist and Fellow

I was excited to attend my second Brian Skerry lecture this week at the UF Performing Arts Center. I first met Brian by phone when he agreed to send me large format images he took diving for bluefin tuna. This generosity began a connection where I learned more from a lecture in Tampa in 2014 when I got to meet Brian in person for the first time. Brian is an inspiring photojournalist with a great aesthetic who dives all over the world and travels to convey a message of conservation by sharing his gorgeous underwater photography and exciting adventures. As someone who cannot dive I loved seeing not only the photographs but also videos of Brian in action photographing sharks (his latest story for National Geographic). I met Brian again to say hello after his presentation. We share a love for the water and underwater ecosystems and the health of our planet. He is a true inspiration!

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